Physique Update #5 – Feeling Lean and Mean

It’s been 10 weeks since I tore my ACL/MCL and meniscus and things are feeling decent since my last update. My knee is still sore and still keeps me from sleeping at night but I’ve started to introduce some light leg exercises to try and build back some strength. My legs have slowly started to … More Physique Update #5 – Feeling Lean and Mean

Homemade Sushi

I often have a hard time eating out with so many dietary restrictions so I decided to make my own sushi. It’s a lot of work but gives me piece of mind knowing there isn’t any deep fried vegetables, lettuce, or sesame seeds present that could make me sick. It is really easy to make … More Homemade Sushi

Counting Calories 101

Whether it’s a fitness model, bodybuilder or professional athlete, every one of them has had to count calories at some point in their career. When it comes to nutrition and maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle, counting calories is a great way to find out how the different things you eat can affect your body … More Counting Calories 101