Physique Update #6 – Peak Week: 1 Week Out!

Saturday (June 6th/15) was the start of what is called “peak week.” It is used by bodybuilders, fitness models and physique competitors to “peak” while on stage or for a photo shoot. Starting one week before your competition or photo shoot you start manipulating water, sodium, potassium and carbs to showcase the best physique possible. … More Physique Update #6 – Peak Week: 1 Week Out!

Physique Update #5 – Rundown, Exhausted and Hungry

Hey guys, I’m currently 10 days out from my show and getting excited. The last few weeks have been super hard on me. My immune system crashed and I wasn’t feeling great for just over a week but I’m back at it and pushing myself hard. I’ve been feeling super rundown, depleted and exhausted the … More Physique Update #5 – Rundown, Exhausted and Hungry

Physique Update #3

Just a quick update on how my prep is going. I’m currently 196 today, down 12 pounds from my starting weight of 208. This is where the dieting really starts to take a toll on me mentally and physically. I’ve been feeling depleted and flat as I’ve been dragging myself around this week due to … More Physique Update #3

Leg Rehabilitation

13 months ago I ruptured my quadriceps tendon on my right leg due to Crohn’s disease related side effects. I’ve had a lot of serious injuries but this is by far the worst, most debilitating injury I have ever had. 13 months later I still cannot run or jump caused by articular cartilage damage in … More Leg Rehabilitation

Physique Update #2

I’m currently 2 ½ weeks into my prep for my show on June 13th. Things have been going great up until the last week (more updates coming soon). I am currently 201 pounds, down 7 pounds from my starting weight of 208. That’s a loss of about 3 pounds per week which is right about … More Physique Update #2