My name is Troy Parsons, I’m a Crohn’s advocate, volunteer, Geoscientist (BSc.), Men’s Physique competitor and a fitness blogger with over 10 years of experience from Vancouver Island, Canada.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2009 at the age of 17. This blog is a look into what I deal with on a daily basis.


Working as a young professional is hard enough. But balancing a social life, a chronic illness and a demanding job while trying to stay fit, is a handful. Having a chronic disease makes things very difficult and stressful. The reason I started this blog is to share my story while promoting health, wellness, nutrition, and fitness. I want to show people with my disease what can be possible while pushing the limits of their body and mind even with a debilitating chronic disease.

Yes, I have good days, and sometimes I have bad days, but I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me, it is not the point. I want to increase awareness to an often invisible disease that many people have not heard of before. Most people have no idea I have Crohn’s or what it is. I do a very good job at keeping Crohn’s hidden unless you know me well. It sounds cliché, but “don’t judge a book by its cover.” IBD can look like me and IBD can look like you. People take one look and judge me based on my physical appearance because “I don’t look sick”. I am here to set the record straight and show what is possible with inflammatory bowel disease.

All I can hope for is to make a difference in someone’s life, big or small. My goal is to provide motivation and show what has helped me deal with my unusual situation. If I can do it, you can do it.


Overview of Crohn’s Disease

For those who do not know what Crohn’s is or would like more information please visit www.crohnsandcolitis.ca

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Troy!
    I just read your story. I too was diagnosed with UC in 2008 when I was 18. Now they are thinking I do have Crohns.. But I am wondering what else you think about Humaria. Of course Humaria is always been an option for me. I have always chosen surgery or meds over biologics. Too me that seems like an extreme last resort. And like a huge blast of chemicals. Currently I am on 6mp and prednoisoe after a bad spell. But for the majority of my life have not been on meds, because I opted for surgery. Most people are freaked out by surgery. But after having like at least 11, it’s not a big deal. Or 11 was the last time I counted lol. Please respond would be delighted to hear your thoughts. Currently I’m living in Atlanta and am 26. And yes I agree balancing life and social and being a student is extra hard with this problem we share.



    1. Hey Amy!
      Always nice to hear from others with IBD! I can’t really tell what’s best for you but I can definitely share my experience with Humira. I’ve been on it for over 3 years now and it has been amazing. When I first went on it I was taking it bi-weekly and I was still getting inflammation. After a hospitalization they increased my dosage to weekly injections. All my major Crohn’s symptoms are relatively well managed now with the occasional mild flare-up, which is nothing when compared to before I was on Humira. The only thing I don’t like with Humira is the side effects of taking an immunosuppresant drug. I’ve recently been getting several infections and colds. Nothing really serious but more of an inconvenience. I would highly recommend Humira or Remicade to anyone. Injecting once a week is a lot nicer than taking a handful of pills twice a day. My GI thought it would be best to put me on Humira for as long as possible until it stops working before giving me another bowel resection surgery. The sugery will help but I have multiple diseased sections so only the worst section would be removed still leaving me with symptoms.
      Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to email me, tpars19@gmail.com


  2. Great to see how wel you’ve rebounded from surgery! I had a bowel resection in May 2018 and am on the road to recovery. Started with walking and have just been given a weights program by an exercise psyiologist – today is Day 1! Keep spreading the good word that people can get through this terrible condition!


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