Oshi Health – My Latest Articles

I’ve taken a step back from my blog to collaborate on another project. I’ve been hard at work writing for an IBD focused app called Oshi Health. I’ll link my latest posts below and you can always search “Troy Parsons” on the app to see all my articles.

I am so excited to share the future of IBD by seamlessly integrating the latest technology with health. Oshi is an IBD focused app that allows you to track nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep and symptoms within the app to better manage your health and overall well-being.

I am thrilled to share it with everyone as it simplifies and streamlines exactly what I’ve been advocating since starting FlaredupFitness.

You can find it on the Apple and Android App Stores!

Download Link:

Apple iOS:   https://bit.ly/Oshi_iOS

Android:     https://bit.ly/Oshi_Android

Link to a previous post: Oshi Health – An App Empowering IBD Patients

Direct Links to my Latest Articles on Oshi Health

But You Don’t Look Sick—The Reality of an Invisible Illness
Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 9.10.45 AM
What guys with IBD want you to know

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