Oshi Health – An App Empowering IBD Patients

Taking a step back, I find it incredible to see how much I’ve grown since being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2009. I’ve gone through the successes, failures and countless adversities caused by my disease. I am thrilled to have a platform that allows me to share my story and connect with so many amazing others also on their own journeys. I can hardly believe all the opportunities that have come along by just sharing my story.

Starting FlaredupFitness is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It feels like I now have a purpose and I attribute many of my greatest strengths to what I’ve learned battling Crohn’s Disease.

I’ve taken a step back from my blog the last few months to collaborate on another project. I’ve been hard at work blogging for a new IBD focused app called Oshi Health. It is my pleasure to share Oshi with everyone. I am so excited see what the future brings by blending the latest technology with health.

I am always hesitant and very picky about what products or companies I promote and support.

Staying true to FlaredupFitness, I owe it to everyone following my blog that I am completely transparent and honest with any products that I am advocating or supporting. I would never share something that I wouldn’t use or believe in myself. Oshi has spared no expense and gone about business the right way.

I believe for an IBD app to be successful they need the IBD community’s support and guidance. Oshi did just that. They have a genuine approach taking guidance from IBD patients (including myself) and listening to their requests and suggestions. As well as consulting with various health professionals and offering Q&A style questions answered by Physicians and GI’s.

As you already know, I am adamant about tracking. I love looking at the numbers, tracking trends, seeing results and correlating why I might be feeling a specific way. Oshi Health allows you to track everything within an app to help manage your health and overall well-being. It simplifies and streamlines exactly what I’ve been doing subconsciously for over 9 years. I just wish I had something like this when I was first diagnosed, it would have made the transition much more seamless.

Download Link:

Android:      https://bit.ly/Oshi_Android

Currently the app is only available in the US app store. But simply enough, I created a new American Apple ID using an American address and downloaded the app without issue.

Lots more to come from Oshi and FlaredupFitness. Don’t forget to checkout my latest posts on the Oshi App!


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