Oshi Health – An App Empowering IBD Patients

Taking a step back, I find it incredible to see how much I’ve grown since being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2009. I’ve gone through the successes, failures and countless adversities caused by my disease. I am thrilled to have a platform that allows me to share my story and connect with so many amazing others also on their own journeys. I can hardly believe all the opportunities that have come along by just sharing my story.

Starting FlaredupFitness is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It feels like I now have a purpose and I attribute many of my greatest strengths to what I’ve learned battling Crohn’s Disease.

I’ve taken a step back from my blog the last few months to collaborate on another project. I’ve been hard at work blogging for a new IBD focused app called Oshi Health. It is my pleasure to share Oshi with everyone. I am so excited see what the future brings by blending the latest technology with health.

I am always hesitant and very picky about what products or companies I promote and support.

Staying true to FlaredupFitness, I owe it to everyone following my blog that I am completely transparent and honest with any products that I am advocating or supporting. I would never share something that I wouldn’t use or believe in myself. Oshi has spared no expense and gone about business the right way.

I believe for an IBD app to be successful they need the IBD community’s support and guidance. Oshi did just that. They have a genuine approach taking guidance from IBD patients (including myself) and listening to their requests and suggestions. As well as consulting with various health professionals and offering Q&A style questions answered by Physicians and GI’s.

As you already know, I am adamant about tracking. I love looking at the numbers, tracking trends, seeing results and correlating why I might be feeling a specific way. Oshi Health allows you to track everything within an app to help manage your health and overall well-being. It simplifies and streamlines exactly what I’ve been doing subconsciously for over 9 years. I just wish I had something like this when I was first diagnosed, it would have made the transition much more seamless.

Download Link:

Android:      https://bit.ly/Oshi_Android

Lots more to come from Oshi and FlaredupFitness. Don’t forget to checkout my latest posts on the Oshi App!

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