Road to Men’s Physique 2017 – The Finale at the 2017 BC Cup!

On Saturday May 20th, 2017, I competed at the 2017 BC Cup held at the Massey Theatre in New Westminster, British Columbia for the Provincial championships.

If you have been following my previous posts, I competed two weeks prior to Provincials at the 2017 Kelowna Classic where I placed 4th in my class of 24 guys qualifying me for the BC Cup!

I decided since I was already in shape, that I could maintain my conditioning for another 2 weeks and make a run at Provincials to see if I could qualify to compete in 2018 at the Canadian Nationals. The extra two weeks of dieting was perfect because it allowed me to tighten up, losing 3 more pounds since competing in Kelowna.

For a more competitive competition, I wanted to come in slightly better conditioning. It was only two weeks but I significantly came in sharper, tighter with deeper cuts and more striations in my upper body for the BC Cup. I nailed peek weak for the second time and I blew away the physique I brought to the stage in 2015 and even improved upon what I brought to the stage in just two weeks prior. I am absolutely thrilled to compete in two shows without having any mishaps or excuses this time around. I can rest easy knowing I brought the absolute best conditioning and physique I could to the stage and that is more than I could have ever asked for.

Unfortunately, things did not go as well as planned. The final placings are in and I ended up placing 6th in my class, missing a national qualification by one spot. The top 5 all qualify to compete at the Canadian Nationals in 2018. Needless to say, I am disappointed to come so close but regardless of what I placed, it comes down to you vs you. Bringing a better version of yourself everytime you compete is what it is all about.


Like any subjective sport, there is no cut and dry rules for judging. It all comes down to what the judges are looking for that day. Not to take away from any of the athletes at all, but I think the judges were looking for a lankier physique. The guys that did well were tall with small waists and wide lats. They were genetically more on the endomorph side but have overcome their skinnier predisposition to build some quality size. If any of you have ever heard of fitness celebrity, Christian Guzman, that is the body type I think the judges were looking for this time. My physique was not better, just different than what I think the judges were looking for. My conditioning was great along with being the biggest and heaviest guy on stage might have hurt my chances along with having a larger waist than some of the taller, lankier competitors.

No disrespect to the judges, I have the utmost respect for them having a very tough job and I agree with their placings. I am not bitter at all, just disappointed.

The competitor that ended up with 5th place and a national qualification was a competitor that I had already beat two weeks prior in Kelowna. So, whether he also came in better this time around or it was just luck of the draw this time, it still leaves me a bit disappointed not making that 5th spot. It could have been as simple as being placed between two better competitors making me look less impressive than at the Kelowna show or also could have been a different judging panel than before as well.

Regardless of the placing, I am thrilled with how I looked. This was by far the best aesthetic shape I’ve ever been in. I was the leanest, biggest and healthiest I have ever been and that is a victory in my books.

2015 vs 2017!

Everytime I step on stage it is emotional for me. I honestly never thought I would stand on stage, not to mention placing 6th at the Provincial level in Men’s Physique! I’ve had to go through hell and back dealing with my disease and anytime I can step on stage and beat what I brought last time, I’ve already won.

I am unsure when or if I will ever compete again. If I decide to make a run at nationals I will make sure there is no doubt in whether I am ready or not.

So what now?

After taking a few days off enjoying Vancouver with friends and treating myself to some sushi and pizza, I am right back in the gym reverse dieting out of the caloric deficit I have been in. Reverse dieting is so important for competitors to repair their metabolism from spending extended periods in a deficit. Reverse Dieting is when you slowly increase calories over the weeks following your competition to increase your caloric expenditure to where it was before you started dieting. When dieting for prolonged periods, your basal metabolic rate slows and your body wants to retain all the food you’re giving it. After competing your body is like a sponge and you are very sensitive to food. It is not uncommon for many competitors to binge and gain 30 lbs in a week following their show.

That is exactly what I am trying not to do. I worked so hard to get this lean why throw it away by eating unhealthy foods. I will put on some weight because I am at an such a lean body fat that is unhealthy to maintain but I will keep things in check to make sure I stay below 10% body fat.

Over the next few months I am focusing on establishing my career and will be taking a much needed break from strict dieting. I am excited to get back to being a normal person and enjoy all summer has to offer!

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