Mind Pump Podcast

I don’t do shoutouts very often but I’ve been following Mind Pump since they started and they’ve been one of the only companies who are genuinely trying to change the fitness industry for the better. Most of the fitness industry is based on supplements that don’t work, celebrity workout gurus promoting wrong/dangerous information or a ton of bullshit out there to make a quick buck and it needs to stop.

These guys do a seriously awesome job at shedding light on the superficial and very misleading fitness industry while educating their audience through their extensive experience in the industry. Their podcast is totally free and gives a ton of valuable information for anyone interested in health, fitness or nutrition can benefit from.

Mind Pump has helped me change the way I looked at health, fitness and nutrition. Check them out under podcasts on the app store, you will not be disappointed.

3 thoughts on “Mind Pump Podcast

  1. An honest, unique take on training and nutrition. Such a breath of fresh air to listen to others confirm what we all know but are choked from using. Thanks !


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