Healthy Summer Meal Ideas

If you’re following me on instagram you might have seen some of these already but if you haven’t, here’s a few easy meal ideas for summer!

Summer BBQ Salmon


It is really hard to get any fresh seafood here in Calgary so this was an absolute treat. I really like Calgary but home is always going to be on the west coast.
I used a teriyaki marinate and wrapped the fillet in tinfoil and cooked on the BBQ.
200g Sockeye Salmon, 216g Potatoes, 25g Blueberries and 40g Strawberries.

Calories 476
47g Protein
52g Carbs
7g Fat

Ground Chicken with Homemade Fries


A quick well balanced meal for when you’re on the go. I pulled everything out of the fridge that I had previously prepared the night before and warmed it up.
I used stevia sweetened organic ketchup just because I can’t live without ketchup.
1 cup ground chicken, 200g potatoes, 50g tomato, 30g onion, 30ml ketchup, 60g avocado.

Calories – 503
Protein – 41g
Carbs – 49g
Fat – 19g

Tuna Avocado Rice Cakes


I’m a huge fan of rice cakes and have been eating them since my mom packed them in my elementary school lunches. Mix some avocado in with some tuna and throw whatever you want on top of the tomato and basil rice cakes for a light, healthy lunch. Topped with some fresh cucumber, blueberries and mango to add a bit of summer flare!
2 tomato and basil rice cakes, 60g avocado, 1 can of tuna, 22g cheese, 20g tomato, 60g mango, 60g blueberries and 1 small cucumber.

Calories – 446
Protein – 40g
Carbs – 38g
Fat – 19g

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