Physique Update #4 – Bad News & Vancouver Island Trip

It’s been 4 weeks since my last update and 6 weeks after I injured my knee. I went to see a specialist and got it reassessed. I did tear my MCL like they initially thought but I also damaged the meniscus and tore my ACL. Tearing the ACL is bad news as it requires surgery to fix it. Unfortunate news as my string of serious injuries continues. I do not have a date for surgery yet but should know soon.

I cannot help but question if these injuries are a direct result of my disease or a medication related side effect. It may be the current medication I am on or my extensive previous prednisone use that has contributed to weak tendons. A ruptured quadriceps tendon and torn ACL and MCL in the last two years should not happen. I will definitely be asking my surgeon and GI if there is some correlation between Crohn’s and brittle tendons.

Physique-wise, I have not been tracking any calories and have just been eating. Sitting at a really good place lately, weighing in at 200 pounds and staying relatively lean while still enjoying myself with a more flexible diet. It was a good decision withdrawing from my show as I would not have been able to put 100% into it. I am planning on staying lean over the summer by doing short intermittent cuts as I previously explained in my Part I – Offseason Nutrition Guide and Tips.

On a lighter note; since I couldn’t work with an injured knee, I made a trip back home to Vancouver Island in BC for 3 weeks to relax. If you’ve never been to British Columbia, words cannot describe this place. I never appreciated where I grew up for 20 years of my life until you live somewhere else. I love Calgary but the west coast will always be my home. Living on the ocean, minutes away from mountains, rivers and lakes makes you really appreciate where you live. I’ve been doing my best to take advantage of the awesome weather by hitting the beach, catching up with old friends, kayaking and enjoying the sun.

Here’s a few pictures from my trip home, if you ever get the chance to explore Vancouver Island, it never disappoints!





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