Steve Ott returns to the ice after suffering from Colitis and a torn hamstring

It is currently the start of the third round of the NHL Playoffs and I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to share this. Steve Ott of the St. Louis Blues will be playing in the Western Conference Final against the San Jose Sharks after missing almost 5 months after suffering a collision with another player where he tore his hamstring off the bone. As he was almost ready to return, Steve Ott missed two weeks after being diagnosed with Colitis. This ESPN article is a great read but does not go into detail on his Colitis diagnosis.

Link to article here: Steve Ott ready to go for the St. Louis Blues after overcoming torn hamstring, colitis diagnosis

There are many professional athletes that suffer from IBD but do not disclose their disease publically. I wish more athletes would open up like Jake Diekman and his struggle with Colitis because they could do so much for the IBD community. Hopefully Steve Ott will talk more about his disease at a future date.

As hockey used to be my main sport, I am always amazed when I see high level athletes battling Crohn’s or Colitis. So inspiring and motivating to know there are others out there just like myself accomplishing amazing things.

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