Battling Crohn’s Documentary

I said big things were coming this year for FlaredupFitness! A big thanks to my good friend and broadcasting student, Olivia McDonald for making this short documentary explaining some of my story and taking a look into what I do on a daily basis! (Plus you get to see me eating pancakes and looking at rocks!)

I was hesitant to post this, it’s personal and I always feel awkward in front of a camera but hopefully some of you can relate.

5 thoughts on “Battling Crohn’s Documentary

  1. This is great man, this really gives an inside look at what you face on a day to day basis and paints a picture for others dealing with similar issues. Keep posting bro!:)


  2. Troy, you’re so inspirational to share this very up-close and personal look into your life and what it’s like to love with IBD. An enormous amount of courage… I have so much respect for you and really admire and look up to you, as a fellow IBDer.

    So much of what you shared I also resonate with… Like you, it took me a good 10 years before I finally accepted having Crohn’s and feeling comfortable enough to tell people about it… Like you, I kept it hidden… Only my parents knew. Your website and video documentary are exactly what I would have loved to have found and had as support and inspiration when I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s exactly 20 years ago… Too bad there wasn’t social media or Internet back then! Connecting with others like you has been such a powerful part of my healing journey and accepting and learning to live more fully while living with Crohn’s. Before social media, I thought I was the only one experiencing the things that I was experiencing and I suffered much of it in silence. It’s empowering and liberating to know you’re not alone and that we re all in this together. There’s a wonderful, supportive, loving IBD community ” family” online and I feel truly grateful to have connected with you. You inspire me enormously. Keep up the amazing work!

    Supporting you 110%,
    Ashley Anderson (from Instagram at @tri_nutrition)


  3. Ahhh! I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog when googling “crohns and fitness”.

    This right here is money. I will be following you on a regulag basis now. Good luck in school!


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