Priority Principle Training

The root of bodybuilding comes from the ancient Greeks. Greek gods were given this mythical body where proportions, size and symmetry created an “X-frame” physique. Large chest, strong developed back, round shoulders, toned, muscular legs and large arms that match the calves in size. This is what Men’s Physique is all about for me. It’s all about symmetry, size, aesthetics and proportions. Everyone has seen the guy or girl on the beach that looks extremely impressive, almost everyone finds that look attractive and appealing. This is the main reason why I think that Men’s physique blew up in popularity. Like I’ve previously mentioned in “Road to Men’s Physique,” Men’s Physique is a more appealing and attainable look than bodybuilding to the general public. Men’s Physique quickly created a large following catering to that aesthetic beach body physique that is so appealing to many. Relating this back to the Greeks, Men’s physique essentially comes down to who has the most aesthetic, head turning shape.

I love the idea of training your body with smart, strategic and well-planned workouts to target specific areas in your physique that may be lagging compared to other areas. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses so some areas of the body may grow disproportionately faster than others. This is where it is extremely important to constantly evaluate your physique in the mirror or look back at progress pictures critiquing areas that may need more work than others. I am always looking for areas that I can improve on. I know some body parts are stubborn but it’s the frequency that really provides the best results. For me calves and traps are my lagging body parts. Calves are the hardest body part to grow unless you’re genetically blessed with huge calves. I try and hit calves 3 times per week. I usually try and hit them first thing at least once per week and at the end of my workouts every other day.


This brings me to Priority Principle Training. Always train your weakest body part first. Work that body part first when you have the most energy and have not fatigued the muscle and body yet. As previously mentioned, hit that body part with more frequency. This is also essential for improving lagging muscle groups. For me, I do not hit arms more than once per week as that is one of my strongest body parts. For calves and traps, I try and hit them at least 3 times per week in an attempt to let them catch up and it has definitely helped.

This all comes down to working smart, not harder. There is no need to come into the gym and go “beast-mode” on those lagging body parts. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, develop a strategic plan, use priority principle training and hit the weak body part more frequently than other areas while really focusing on improving form and contracting that muscle under tension. It is not easy building the perfect “Greek god” physique or everyone would look that way. Work smart, put in the effort and you’ll be the guy or girl on the beach that is turning heads.

Road to Men’s Physique-Part II is coming back bigger and better for 2016! Check back in the next couple weeks for the first installment!

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