Homemade Sushi

I often have a hard time eating out with so many dietary restrictions so I decided to make my own sushi. It’s a lot of work but gives me piece of mind knowing there isn’t any deep fried vegetables, lettuce, or sesame seeds present that could make me sick.

It is really easy to make sushi but if you really don’t want to screw it up the first time here is all you need.

Buy some seaweed paper, sticky rice and whatever you like in your sushi. I got the sticky rice and the seaweed at my local supermarket.

How-to make Sushi


Pre-cook the rice (and yams if you want a yam roll), lay out the seaweed and spread rice evenly across paper


Add what you want inside the roll


Roll up as tight as you can


Cut into slices. The major key here is to use a sharp knife or it will ruin your roll. And Vola!


Yam Roll (per 6 pieces)

Calories – 240

Protein – 4g

Carbs – 54 g

Fat – 1g

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