BBQ Chicken and Red Potato Wedges

IMG_0119Sorry for not blogging as much as I would like. It’s only the third week of the semester and I’m already swamped. Here’s a quick post to hold you over until next time.

This was todays post workout meal, well balanced with protein, carbs and fat. I had over a 12 hour day at school today but fortunately I live close enough I can come home and refuel for lunch. The key to being fit and healthy with a busy schedule is being organized with a plan.

BBQ chicken with red potato wedges and half an avocado. Usually I peel the potatoes but the skin hasn’t given me any problems lately as long as they are well cooked. 6.6 oz chicken breast (187g), 300g red potatoes, 46g avocado.

562 Calories

49g Protein

62g Carbs

13g Fat

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