Muscle Building Spaghetti

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Muscle Building Spaghetti My biggest meal of the day is always post workout where carbs are key. Carbs are often misunderstood and blamed for fat gain. When the body cannot use carbohydrates for energy, they can be stored as fat. When you exercise you deplete muscle glycogen stores. The body has an extremely hard time storing carbs as body fat post workout because your body needs to replenish muscle glycogen. The body absorbs the carbs and is much more likely use the carbohydrates by rebuilding the broken down muscle tissue than storing the unused carbs as body fat. 72g cooked whole wheat spaghetti, ¾ marinara pasta sauce, 4.5 oz chicken breast, ½ cup ground chicken, 15g cheddar cheese Calories 713 64g Protein 73g Carbs 18g Fat For more health, nutrition, fitness and recipes, checkout #FlaredupFitness

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