Be Inspired: Meet Troy Parsons @FlaredUpFitness

Huge thanks to Ashley at TriNutrition for the awesome article! Defintely give them a follow and checkout their page for tons of IBD related recipes, health tips and motivation!

ARE YOU OR DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE LIVING WITH CROHN’S OR COLITIS THAT STRIVES TO LIVE WELL DESPITE THEIR DIAGNOSIS? This can mean a whole lot of things to different people. We want to create a space where we can meet, connect with, follow and support those living well with IBD and learn from each other 🙂 . Seeing how other’s can live well inspires us to also bring courage and strength to live well too (as best that we possibly can with where we currently are in our journey right now).

You’ve got to meet Troy! He knows a lot about health, nutrition and fitness related to Crohn’s Disease and has a great website where he openly shares everything that he’s learned! He’s also thriving while living with Crohn’s Disease and he’s got some GREAT tips to share! See below.


Meet Troy:

  • Troy’s Crohn’s story
  • Learn how Troy has been living well with Crohn’s 

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