Physique Update #5 – Rundown, Exhausted and Hungry

IMG_2529Hey guys, I’m currently 10 days out from my show and getting excited. The last few weeks have been super hard on me. My immune system crashed and I wasn’t feeling great for just over a week but I’m back at it and pushing myself hard. I’ve been feeling super rundown, depleted and exhausted the last few weeks. I have been increasing cardio and decreasing my calories. I am currently at 2000 calories per day and was at 2100 last week just to try and shed that last bit of fat. My macros have not really changed. They are basically the same as before but I have lowered my fat intake to adjust to the drop in calories. So I’m at about 225g protein, 200-100g carbs (depending on the day) and whatever calories are leftover for my fats.

I’ve been really running on fumes lately relying on caffeine from green tea and occasionally coffee to get me through the day. Not the healthiest thing but it shouldn’t hurt for 10 days. My workouts have really suffered from the low energy and low carbs. I find it really hard to get a pump in the gym and keep my intensity up. I am doing cardio about 5 days of the week and 3 of those days I have been doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Everything is coming together despite being exhausted and probably over trained. I felt really good about my latest progress picture that showed how far I’ve come since I started dieting and how much dedication and progress I’ve made to overcome my disease (transformation pictures coming soon!). I feel I am right about where I need to be, I just need to carb back up and unfortunately get a spray tan before I step on stage on June 13th! I will hopefully post one more update before I take the stage explaining what I do during “Peak Week” (1 week out from going on stage) and how you can manipulate your water, carbs and sodium to come in looking your absolute best.

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