Physique Update #4 – I hate excuses

Currently, I am just under 4 weeks out from my competition and I have been feeling really rundown. I did a blood test earlier this week and I got a call from my general physician from home on Saturday telling me my blood test results were not what they were supposed to be (huge thanks to my doctor for caring about me and giving me a call on her days off).

My strength and determination has really taken a hit over the last week. I haven’t been feeling great and getting my test results back really hindered my motivation. My doctor advised me to take a few days off and hope my immune system gets back to normal. I’ve been experiencing fatigue and intestinal discomfort as well as gas and a bloated feeling. This is usual signs of a flare-up for me but my fingers are crossed it is not. I cannot afford a flare-up right now as I am so close to my competition and I want to do everything I can to not waste all the hard work I’ve been putting in. There is a reason why you don’t see people with Crohn’s doing bodybuilding or physique. Simply put, it is extremely difficult and taxing on your body with a chronic disease.

Being in a caloric deficit for long periods of time can affect your immune system. I don’t know if being in a deficit was the cause but I have had to up my calories a lot to try and give my immune system a boost. My doctor also suggested to add zinc, vitamin C and increase my fish oil intake to also help my immune system, so I’ve been taking those.

Most people have been telling me I look great but I am my biggest critic. I think I will look great come June 13th but it is going to eat my up inside if I feel I could have looked better. I hate excuses more than anything else but I feel Crohn’s is holding me back from hitting that next level of fatloss. It is extremely frustrating when you’re so close but your body starts to give you problems. There is not a lot I can do.

I do have a chronic disease but I think it is just an excuse that I tell to myself so I can justify failing. I do my best not to make excuses, I just do what I can and do my best. I said I was going to do physique June 13th. I set my mind to something and I’m not going to let excuses get in my way. Sometimes life happens and there’s nothing you can do about it other than pick yourself up at keep pushing towards your goal. Don’t make excuses make results, it makes obtaining your goal that much more rewarding.

A big thanks to all my friends and family who has been keeping me motivated and helping out even when I’m in pain and not the nicest person to be around.

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