Physique Update #3

Just a quick update on how my prep is going. I’m currently 196 today, down 12 pounds from my starting weight of 208. This is where the dieting really starts to take a toll on me mentally and physically. I’ve been feeling depleted and flat as I’ve been dragging myself around this week due to the low calories and low carbohydrates. I still have a ways to go but I will start to look a lot better as I drop the water and fill back up with carbs as I’m right on track with 5 weeks out.

I slowed down on the cardio as I do not want to exhaust all my fat loss options in case I need to rapidly shed a few pounds in a week or two leading up to my show. I’m feeling a lot leaner and everything is starting to tighten up. My face looks leaner as well as my quads and abs. I am still holding some fat around my lower back/abs and obliques. Although you cannot spot reduce fat, over the next few weeks I will be hoping to lose another 7 pounds, give or take a few pounds. This should pull in my obliques and really show my lower abs. The first place you gain fat is the last place you will lose it. It sucks to work so hard and not see the results as quickly as you hope but dieting takes time and patience.

The scar below my belly button is a reminder of the failed small bowel resection I had 3 years ago. I was scheduled for another surgery this month to remove several diseased sections of my small intestine but they pushed it to a later date as my symptoms have been relatively under control. Fingers crossed I do not have any other symptoms until after my show.

For those that are interested, same as before here are my current calories and macros.

Day 1: High carb day, 2230 calories

253g Protein

237g Carbs

30g Fat

Day 2: Medium carb day, 2230 Calories

253g Protein

160g Carbs

64g Fat

Day 3-6: Constant lower carb day, 2230 Calories

253g Protein

120g Carbs

82g Fat

Day 7: Rest day, higher protein to support recovery, 2230 Calories

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