Chicken & Sweet Potato Tacos

Tacos!I’ve recently been on a liquid diet for close to a week. Most of the intestinal pain has subsided so I have been slowly introducing more solid food. Tomatoes are one vegetable that I’ve never seemed to have a problem with. Onions on the other hand, make me nervous eating them as they’re difficult to break down (I fried them to make them as soft as possible). I’m on a higher carb day and I really felt like tacos so I made these fit into my macros for the day. (They are also gluten free for my gluten intolerant friends!)

Macro Breakdown:

434 Calories

7g Fat

37g Protein

57g Carbs

5 oz (142g) Chicken Breast (pan fried with taco seasoning),100g Sweet Potato chunks, 40g Onion, 43g Tomato, 3 Soft Corn Tortillas, 50g Chunky Salsa.

Pan fry chicken breast with taco seasoning, bake sweet potato chunks in oven, pan fry onions, heat up tortillas, combine all ingredients and garnish with lime for an awesome healthy mexican inspired meal!

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