Physique Update #2

IMG_1504I’m currently 2 ½ weeks into my prep for my show on June 13th. Things have been going great up until the last week (more updates coming soon). I am currently 201 pounds, down 7 pounds from my starting weight of 208. That’s a loss of about 3 pounds per week which is right about where I want to be as the weight loss will level off as my body adjusts to the caloric deficit and increased cardio. I am starting to get visibly leaner as everything has started to tighten up and I have been getting a lot of compliments on my vascularity, so I must be doing something right!

I have been loosely following a program off of called 30 Days Out. Link:  I have been following this loosely and adjusting the workouts to cater to my style and training preferences. This program is really awesome for anyone serious about going on a cut with super short timeframe. I have substantially more time than 30 days so I have been easing into the cardio and not dropping my calories too low to preserve as much muscle as possible. My calories started at 2600 per day and I’ve been dropping my calories by 100 per week. This week my calories are 2400 per day and I’m starting to get hangry.

For those who are interested in my macros and understand what I’m talking about (my apologies if you don’t), I started out carb cycling which is where I have a higher carb day keeping my fats low while still keeping my calories at 2400 per day and progressively lowering my carbs throughout the week as I up my fats and keep my protein constant at 1.25g/pound of bodyweight. So my macros for this week look something like this.

Day 1: High carb day, 2400 calories

253g Protein

240g Carbs

48g Fat

Day 2 & 7: Medium carb day, 2400 Calories

253g Protein

180g Carbs

74g Fat

Day 3-6: Constant lower carb day: 2400 Calories

253g Protein

140g Carbs

92g Fat

And repeat the next week with 2300 calories lowering my fat intake accordingly. I made the mistake last week of dropping my carbs too low. I dropped them down to 70g per day for 2 days and I lost all energy and was tired and hungry all the time. This entire diet is a learning process and what works for me or someone else may not necessarily work for you. Really low carb and high fat diets are extremely effective for fat loss but they don’t work for me so I’ve been keeping my carbs to a moderate amount. Check back for more updates coming your way soon!

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