Excercise of the Day – Ascending One Arm Lateral Raises

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Excercise of the Day – Ascending One Arm Lateral Raises Choose a lighter weight and start with one rep alternating arms, then two reps on each side and continue going up in reps. Try to go all the way up to 10 reps on each side or to failure to completely burnout the shoulders. This is an awesome finishing move to blast the delts. Thanks to @craigcapurso definitely had to give this one a try. On June 13th 2015, I’m going to be stepping on stage and doing my very first Men’s Physique show. The reason I want to do this is to raise awareness of Crohn’s Disease and motivate others while showing what is possible, despite having a debilitating disease. I’ve had to overcome more obstacles than most, so stepping on stage will be extra special for me. It is currently 11 weeks out, I will be posting more updates as I get closer to the show, so stay tuned and follow me on my road to Men’s Physique June 13th! Check out FlaredupFitness.wordpress.com for nutrition, health and fitness related to Crohn’s (link in Bio)

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